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    Broersma Ingenieurs consists of consultants, structural engineers, architectural drafters, a network administrator and an administrative staff member.

    Experience within the company stretches over projects of every size. With the help of our vast network, we are able to bring even the most specialised projects into reality.

    Technical Foundations

    logo-broersma-rood-klein Broersma Ingenieurs provides recommendations on the techniques, materials and methods to be used in constructions according to construction plans. Foundations and all types of load-bearing structures in steel and concrete demand calculations that range from bearing capacity calculations to lifecycle calculations, that can also be upheld in extreme situations.

    Project level

    Logo Bureau Broersma klein We formulate technical advice on structures, feasibility and safety of projects of every size. In collaboration with specialised colleagues, we would gladly expand our recommendations to include urban development, spatial planning, real estate and architecture. Governments, project developers and contractors are historically parties with whom we work together closely.

    Our work

    Logo Bureau Broersma klein You would like to see our portfolio?
    Bureau Broersma has a clear and strong view on that. We prefer not to present any specific building as a representative of our capabilities. Every project is unique in such a way that previous projects are never perfectly fitting examples. Furthermore, every project is realised in collaboration with other specialists.

    Still, if you are contemplating our expertise, it is always an option to visit an object similar to the project you have in mind.

    Human capital

    logo-broersma-rood-klein We strive for long-term relations with our employees.
    Many of them started their career with an internship at Broersma Ingenieurs. All members of the team participate in achieving the results at Broersma Ingenieurs. That way, we are able to work together smoothly within a cooperative environment which benefits from the sharing of expertise within the team.

    Aad van der Valk
    Westlanders stubborn? Originating from Poeldijk, Aad proves that stubbornness may also be viewed as constructive. He began as an intern at Broersma and continued to claim his own desk. He started out by calculating and drafting foundations for gas stations. Along the years, his responsibility and added value to Broersma grows. It is lively and interesting work: to create something and to be able to watch how a project progresses. That way, you can construct a company’s entrance hall to be a true piece of art, playing with various factors such as the use, location and legal aspects of the object. The judoka has friends aplenty with whom he frequently plans adventurous weekend plans, which has been one of his hobbies for 36 years.
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    Edwin Groen
    At a birthday, Edwin Groen shares that he is going to do his internship at Buro Broersma. Turns out, his uncle had already been working there for twenty years and he immediately gets to hear many stories about his new workplace. He gains work experience during his internship, after which he fulfils his military conscription and graduates from the technical school. After graduation, he returns to Broersma. The work is positively challenging and diverse, since you are like a spider in a web as a structural engineer. Edwin is always interested in the newest developments with regards to architectural drafting and also ensures that all systems run smoothly at Broersma. Keeping up to date and applying the newest insights and developments, as well as automating daily routines at Broersma by using programming languages is primarily directed from the comfort of his own home.
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    Ir. Andries Broersma
    After secondary school, Andries Broersma chooses to study Civil Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. He graduates and fulfils his military conscription as a platoon commander in the military engineering department. A building crisis in the early eighties contracts the amount of job opportunities in the building sector, but luckily there is a spot available at Buro Broersma, the engineering firm of Andries’ dad. From the moment he was employed, Andries has been the driving force behind the continuous modernisation of the firm. The drawing board disappears from the repertoire and no longer does anybody work with the slide rule. Andries carefully keeps up to date with the newest developments within the sector and time and again points out the necessary innovations with regards to the methods, procedures and techniques employed. Only three employees have worked at Bureau Broersma for longer than Andries and in the meanwhile, he has become the eldest at the firm. He enjoys maintaining the many contacts with clients, architects, consultants and contractors that continuously provide refreshing insights in the expertise of the structural engineer. The membership of many associations, the guiding and supervision of graduating students and his position within the professional advisory committee at The Hague University still inspire him every day. Add his three children and that he has been together with Brigitte for 40 years and it will be clear that ir. Andries Broersma will remain to set the course for Bureau Broersma. Everyone may have his number (+31653160124). If he does not pick up, he is far away at sea and unfortunately out of reach.
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    Ing. Piet Ing. Piet
    After starting out at Buro Broersma as a temporary worker, Piet Fluit enters full time employment in 1978. He is another example of the tradition of the longstanding relations that Bureau Broersma upholds with its employees at the Groothertoginnelaan 33. Piet Fluit still likes his job, which includes unique interactions between architects, designers and the constructive foundations of the projects and designs. After completing a project, he can go on to a new project with the support of a brand-new team. That never grows old. The work is abundantly diverse, with smaller projects, such as an extension of a residence or a breakthrough of a wall, and larger projects that may include hotels, fire stations or theatres. Back in the day, Piet Fluit used to play football. Nowadays, he prefers to blow off some steam on his racing bike.
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    Ing. Willem van der Plas
    Willem van der Plas is not even asked to stick around after his internship. He is such a perfect fit with the company that it goes without saying that he will happily stay after graduation. His challenge lies in gathering existing building blocks from old constructions in order to create new architecture. Still, it is a shame that his work stays somewhat invisible. Namely, the architect is known for certain buildings, but who knows the person that was responsible of keeping the building erect? Then again, had he not become an engineer at Bureau Broersma, Willem would have become a fish monger in Katwijk, his hometown. Certainly, that would have been a fun job as well, but it would have been less challenging. Should Willem ever decide to start afresh and begin something new, he would become a chef in his own restaurant. Though for now, the safety of buildings takes precedence. This way he has enough time left over for the choir he is a member of in Katwijk, as well as for his hobbies: running and swimming.
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    Lucienne van Leeuwen
    Bureau Broersma has an office manager who can program slideshows and can produce multimedia projects. That is because that used to be her job for years at a famous audio-visual studio in Scheveningen. Motherhood and the education and upbringing of two children is added to the equation. Starting out as a receptionist at Bureau Broersma thereby leads to an ever-increasing accumulation of tasks and responsibilities. These range from simply being the first person you talk to when you call the Bureau, to making sure all affairs, including administration and human resources, are properly in order at Bureau Broersma. Does her being a lady amidst all the guys make her an easy target for the predominantly male humour at the office? Surely, you did not know that her parents used to own a bar in Scheveningen, the ideal surroundings for making sure a young woman grows up able-bodied. This woman knows how to stand her ground.
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